Loungewear Dresses

When you think ‘loungewear’, what images come to mind? At The Other Label, it means clothing that is designed perfectly when you want to do nothing more than chill out at home.

If it conjures up images of old hen do t-shirts you can’t think what else to do with or scruffy PJs you’ve owned for years – think again. On our website, you’ll find loungewear dresses that will be just as comfy as anything you’ve worn before but which also leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Perfect for… chilling out in front of the TV

You know those weekends, when the wind and rain outside bash against the living room window and all you can think about doing is staying in.

Your latest favourite box set is calling, and so is the coffee machine. Our loungewear dresses are perfect if you don’t quite fancy putting on your PJs just yet – and if there’s the distinct chance you may need to head out at some stage.

Perfect for… spending time with friends (in or out)

The topic on the group chat turns to pizza, boxsets, wine and the possibility of either heading out or staying in to watch Saturday night TV. But, what to wear in that kind of situation? You want to feel comfortable but retain as much style as possible.

This is where The Other Label loungewear dresses shine. They’ve been designed for both comfort and style (just like the entire range we offer on our website!), and will work perfectly for when friends come around for the night – regardless of whether you stay in and enjoy the TV or decide to head out on a last minute whim.

Perfect for… a casual night out

Looking for something to wear for one of those nights out where you simply want to head to a pub, bar or somewhere quieter with a loved one or a few friends? The Other Label’s loungewear dresses will suit you perfectly.

We’ve designed each of our garments in the loungewear dress category to work seamlessly whether you’re having a night in or heading out for one of those quieter nights out. There’s nothing quite like it in your wardrobe at the moment – we’re almost sure of that.

Perfect for… a night in with a loved one

When your loved one mentions a takeaway, boxset and some much needed couples time, our loungewear dresses will help you feel stylish, comfortable and help you make the most of that special time.

PJs may be your typical calling card in such instances, but if you want to make a bit more of an effort without sacrificing your ability to chill out, pick up one of our loungewear dresses. They won’t remain in your wardrobe for long – trust us!