We all love a high street fashion bargain, and we all have our favourite global clothing retailers who rarely let us down. But there’s a certain feel-good factor knowing you’ve purchased something from your homeland, and there’s a number of reasons why shopping locally is often the best option.

Here’s why you should always consider buying clothing designed and manufactured in the UK (and we promise the ‘B’ word won’t be mentioned too much!).

Helping local and national businesses survive

A key reason it’s best to buy clothing designed and manufactured in the UK is the contribution it makes to keeping local and national businesses alive.

Many UK businesses could suffer as a result of Brexit-based uncertainty, but being conscious about shopping from UK manufacturers and designers is one way to keep these businesses thriving.

We all want to see lots of UK businesses succeeding, and when it comes to fashion, you also want a good variety of places to shop for those latest trends.

Doing your bit for the economy

Buy British, and you’ll be doing your bit for the economy by purchasing clothing designed and manufactured in the UK.

Spending your money locally will keep money circulating within the UK and will help with local spending and tax contributions.

During a time where many national businesses are suffering or closing down as a result of global trade restrictions and uncertainty, it’s important for the economy to keep local businesses running and thriving.

Keeping up with national trends

National, continental and global trends often vary, and if you’re fashion conscious, you can bag the latest British trends before anyone else if you shop here in the UK!

Clothing designed on these shores is more likely to be bespoke and on-trend, and you can get these designs far quicker than waiting for an overseas re-creation to hit the high street.

Higher quality

It’s no secret that buying your clothing from cheap overseas factories is sometimes cheaper than splashing the cash on UK designers and manufacturers.  However, while it may appear you’re getting more bang for your buck, we also know that it doesn’t always guarantee the best quality.

Shopping for your wardrobe from UK fashion retailers should guarantee high-quality clothing that’s made to last. If you’re paying more, it’s usually because the quality is far superior than any overseas counterparts.

Environmentally friendly

In this environmentally conscious age, we’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprints.

Choosing to buy clothing designed and manufactured in the UK will contribute to the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions and is a more sustainable way to shop for your outfits.

‘Fast-fashion’, as it’s now dubbed, is a global problem where people buy low-quality, throw-away clothing from cheap overseas manufacturers. When buying clothes, you should be conscious of the environment and choose high-quality, made to last materials that tread a greener path to your wardrobe.

Wrapping up

The UK is renowned for great, high-quality fashion, so it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to purchase clothing designed and manufactured here.

Not only will you be contributing to the local economy, but you’ll be a more sustainable shopper with a higher-quality wardrobe!