5 ways to spend your evenings this spring

For many people, spring is the best time of year. The days are lighter, longer and warmer, and it’s a good few months before the heat waves make it unbearable to be outside for too long.

Spring evenings might not be as warm as summer evenings, but there’s still plenty of ways to take advantage of the lighter nights.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of those warmer spring evenings.

Prepare your outside space

You should definitely take advantage of the approaching warmer weather by getting your outside space spring ready. Whether you have a garden, small patio or balcony, there’s a bunch of things you can do to prepare your outside space.

Plants, fairy lights, a table and chairs are just some of the lovely things to make sitting outside in the spring evenings that little more appealing.

Turn your garden into an outside cinema

If you do have the outside space, you could even turn your garden space into an outdoor cinema.

Not only is it the perfect budget-friendly date night, but it’s the perfect way to spend more time outdoors doing what you’re probably bored doing on your sofa.

Grab some warm blankets to sit on, a laptop or tablet and your favourite food and drinks, and you’ve got an evening made!

Go out for an evening meal

Making the most of spring evenings isn’t just about sitting in your garden until it’s too cold or dark, so why not get dressed up in the latest springtime fashions and take your favourite people out for an evening meal?

Choose an Instagrammable spot that’s serving up some light and fresh cuisine, (we’re thinking Mediterranean…) and tuck into a delicious evening meal. It may even be warm enough to sit outside on the terrace and soak up the warming temperatures!

Plan a weekend city break

There’s no better time than spring to plan a weekend city break with your favourite people. Whether that’s a girls’ night out or a couple’s city explorer break.

Many UK cities are already getting ready for the spring and have a variety of things to do so you can take advantage of those evenings out soaking up the local culture.

Go to a rooftop bar

Rooftop bars might be your first thought for the summer, but when the weather’s nice, you should definitely take advantage of them during the spring! Whether this is on your city break or in your local town or city, the rooftop bars are calling you!

Sip a cocktail and sit in the lighter, warmer spring evenings overlooking your favourite city. For some inspiration, check out this list of the UK’s best rooftop bars.

Wrapping up

As you’ll see from our list, there’s plenty of things to do outside this spring to take advantage of the warmer weather.

The days of staying under the duvet in fluffy socks, trying to keep warm are nearly over (for now) as we look forward to long days and evenings in the sunshine!

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