How to spice up your duvet day

Most of us would feel rather lazy if we spent a day in bed instead of going to work, but it can actually be very therapeutic and help to de-stress.

When done properly, a duvet day can be relaxing and guilt-free – we promise!

Here are our top tips on how to spice up your duvet day!

Preparation for the duvet day

The first thing you need to do for the ultimate duvet day is to plan ahead. Often, when we find ourselves in bed all day, it’s either unplanned or because we’re under the weather, but a true duvet day should be something to look forward to!

You cannot beat the feeling of a freshly washed duvet, but if you really want to spice up your duvet day, light some candles and do a quick spruce up of the bedroom for that extra touch of luxury and comfort.

The best box sets in town

Not only do you need a day with no interruptions, no alarms and, most of all, no scheduled appointments, but you’ll need something to watch.

That series you’ve been dying to start but have struggled to find the time for is calling your name! And we know that there’s no better time to binge a new box set than during a day spent under the sheets!

Quick and easy comfort food

Choosing the right food for your duvet day is an essential way to spice it up! You want quick, convenient food that won’t leave uncomfortable crumbs or melt onto your freshly washed sheets!

The last thing you want to do is nip out for supplies, so either stock up on snacks beforehand or have your favourite takeaway menus ready on the bedside table.

New loungewear

Go further than clean sheets and splurge on some high-quality loungewear for your duvet day! Nothing beats lightweight comfy clothing in summer or soft thick pyjamas in the winter.

The Other Label’s loungewear range includes stylish tops, bottoms, cardigans and dresses that are designed not only to make you feel comfortable yet confident.

For your duvet day, we recommend you check out our range of dresses, with our Cold Shoulder dress being a firm favourite for a day well spent under the duvet.

Plenty of beauty sleep

What’s a duvet day without plenty of sleep? During your day of lounging in bed, make sure you’ve factored in some time to get some actual rest. Whether you prefer to have a lie-in, mid-afternoon nap or an early night, some beauty sleep is an essential part of your duvet day!

With all of the other preparations in place, this should be easy, but if you struggle to sleep, then try using lavender pillow spray to relax you.

Wrapping up

We think that everyone should be entitled to a duvet day once in a while, and it’s something that should be enjoyed to the max.

At The Other Label, we take comfort and relaxation very seriously, so don’t forget to check out our range of quality loungewear to truly spice up your duvet day!

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